Church Loans

We are the church loan experts.

  • Ready to buy a church building, and need a loan?
  • Ready to build, and need a church construction loan?
  • Expanding or renovating your existing church home?
  • Buying a parsonage, or thinking about it?
  • Building a church multipurpose center? Daycare? School?
  • Need to refinance a church mortgage loan or balloon?

We average over $100,000,000 a year in church mortgage loans.  Our team has years of experience and all the expertise to help you address your real estate related church loan needs.

With a very short application form and three years of church financial information, we will have a loan proposal for you within 24 hours.

Please give us a call any day, any time, and find out how easy it is to apply for a church loan with us.

Most mortgage companies and mortgage brokers don’t know what to do with a church loan request. They often make promises, well-intentioned, about what they can do, and it takes many weeks for them (and you) to find out they cannot actually deliver.

You can avoid that pain and delay by dealing with the church loan experts. We arrange church mortgage loans. We will tell you very quickly, usually within 24 hours, whether your loan is doable and at what terms.

We love doing church loans because we love helping churches.

Please honor us with your business. Call me right now, (877) 308-0300, to get started.