Church Loan Refinance – Reduce Expenses by Refinancing

One great way for a church to reduce expenses is to refinance an existing church loan.

You probably know that interest rates for mortgage loans are at or near all-time lows. This is true for church loans just as it is for residential loans. And therein lies the opportunity to reduce church expenses with a church mortgage “refi.”

Even if your existing church mortgage loan has only been in place a short time, there is a good chance that rates have dropped and you can benefit from a church loan refinance. It is definitely worth your while

How Much Will a Church Loan Refinance Save Your Church?

How much you can save by refinancing a church loan depends, of course, on your existing interest rate and the amount of your loan, as well as on the actual rate your church will now qualify for. When you refinance, the savings become available to you for any purpose. Perhaps you are supporting missionaries with special needs, or maybe other ministries in your church could benefit by having a larger budget. Of course you could also use the savings to pay off your church loan faster.

You may be interested in learning about church loan interest rates and how a church qualifies for a loan.

As always, the best way to get solid information about a church refinance is to simply give us a call. Never any pressure or obligation. We are simply here to help. Please consider refinancing your church loan. Explore the possibility today.